Road Trip

We decide to drive to Texas from Boston with the kids.  Mike's family use to road trip all over the USA with all 10 of there kids and he wanted to have us have the same experience. It seriously wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We took a week to get to Texas and a week to get back. We had fun, but saying that we aren't going to road trip every where we go! Kate did great! Cole was a struggle he hated being stuck in his car seat and he would take naps so we had one grumpy baby.

Our first stop was Brooklyn to see Kelsey and Robby's new apartment

2nd stop was Hershey PA. We stopped at the Hershey Factory. It was alot of fun!
3rd Kentucky to see Mike's aunt and uncle
4th stop Columbus OH.
5th stop Nashville TN.
6th Hot Springs AK.
7th Dallas TX.
8th College Station TX.
In Dallas we brought Andrew a 4x4 In-n-Out burger. He thought it was pretty cool.

Driving back to Boston we decided to do the beaches. 
1st stop Pensacola, FL

2nd stop and very favorite stop Hilton Head SC

3rd and 2nd favorite stop Charlotte NC. David is playing on the Panthers so we spend the day with him. I love this city! It is clean, quaint, and so charming! They had a great children's museum.


4th stop Washington DC
We met up with Kelly and he darling girls and went to the Smithsonian and the Mall

The White house was our last stop. Kate was done

This was the happiest Cole was in the car 
 I am actually really excited to be back up in Boston! I am looking forward to this year and the thought of leaving Boston really makes me sad.... Saying that I will be ready to get out of our little apartmetn, but I have definitely grown to love Boston!

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