Cole's First Birthday

I can't believe my little boy turned one. This year seriously flew by! We had  couple birthday parties for the little guy. He had no clue it was all for him, but we had fun seeing friends.

In the past few days Cole has started standing up on his own, I think he will be taking steps any day. He like his little walker toy that we got him from a yard sale. 

This was definitely not the first time he has had cake, but he sure did like it.

Kate definitely liked opening his presents more then he did, but that is okay.

I can't imagine our lives with out our Colee-o-lee. He is such a cuddler and so easy going.   He thinks Kate is so funny and she can alway cheer him up. He is definitely a momma boy, which I love. 
Happy Birthday Baby BOY!

California- David and Jessie's Wedding

We wanted to finish our summer off with a BANG so 4 days after getting back to Boston we flew to LA for David, Mike's brothers wedding. We had a great time and the wedding was really fun, but man the 3 hour time change was killer!!! We hit up the beach a few times, visited friends and family. Our very favorite part was taking Kate to Disneyland. My cousin Jill is amazing and she watched Cole for us so we just had Kate. It was seriously magically! She loved everything about it, especially the princess's. It was definitely the highlight of the trip!!!!

These first pictures are from the wedding dinner in Mike's sister Julie's backyard. We were put to work when we got there and somehow everything turned out beautiful. 

Cousins pounding down the amazing BBQ dinner

a few of my hot sissy in laws

Poppy and Pom Pom
The wedding 
Mike's mom made all the little girls dresses they turned out amazing

Seriously the hottest couple. Could Jessie be any more beautiful

The bad news is I was having a very bad hair day...

Mike's sibling... one good looking family

The reception was at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verde. They had a ring ceremony before

The next day we went and checked out the Manhattan Beach, Jessie's family stopping grounds

Disneyland and California Adventure

Kates favorite rides were Dumbo, tea cups and Arial. It was a super hot day, but fortunately it wasn't very crowded

Kate's favorite part was eating lunch with the Princess's at Arial's Grotto in California Adventure. For some reason she calls it Arial's Witsom (I have no clue what a witsom is). Kate got to put on her dress up and she loved every minute of it.  Mike about had a heart attack when he found out how much it was to eat there, they really get you good, but looking back we would do it again. She is still talking about it.

When I made the reservation my have told them it was her birthday hoping they would do something fun. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck! She totally played along and now tells everyone that she had her birthday in Disneyland!

After dinner we went to the Aladdin musical, which she loved and watched the parade. 
Someone gave us there Disney balloon that Kate wouldn't let go of, While walking to the car she feel asleep, which if you know Kate that NEVER happens. 
I had to take a picture of our  caddie that the rental car company upgraded us too. Everyone was teasing Mike about it all weekend. 
We actually got our discounted Disney tickets from some sketchy Disney Dave. This is Mike returning the tickets at the end of the day a few blocks away from Disney.  What we do to save a few bucks!
Don't get mugged! 
We had such a great time, but are so excited to be home and enjoy Boston this fall!