4th of July

I have decide that Provo Utah is probably the best place to celebrate 4th of July. It has that small town feel and the weather is AMAZING!  We stated off the morning with s 10K with most of the family. From there we made our way over to the parade. The kids loved it! From there we had a bbq and swim party over at my parents house. Then we headed over to the Stadium of Fire. Which was SO SO much fun! 

The Parade
How cute is this picture?!

 The Beach Boys played at the Stadium of Fire. By the end everyone in our section was standing up and dancing. Kate was in heaven.
My parents and Kate rode the scooter and Megan and I rode the famous Ricks tandum bike. You should have seen the looks we got. My dad even made me take a headlamp. Mike was so proud. 


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