We ended up only spending 2 weeks at the being of the summer and 2 weeks at the end of the summer in Texas. Texas is a great place to live, but summers are so hot and humid. If you aren't in the pool you stay inside. We had a great time spending time in College Station with Mike's family. We were lucky that some of Kate's cousins came to town to visit. Kate seriously loves her cousins. She always has so much fun with them.  We spent a ton of time out in the pool as a result Kate has an amazing tan!

Eva is seriously a crack up! She is a little DIVA and Kate loved everything single thing she did. They put on music shows for us and sang songs. Their favorite song to sing was, Tonight Tonight.

For Father's day we made Mike a candy poster. Kate thought it was pretty cool.
Grammy Nixon made all the girls dresses for David and Jessie's wedding. 
Kate putting her own shoes on. Side Note: she never never wears shoes. So if she does it is a miracle. Even if they are on the wrong feet.
Tim's new dog Lily
Driving home from church, these pictures were taken about 30 seconds apart. Church is such a struggle with babies and naps.

It was so much fun spending time with Christopher, Rachel and their new baby Adele.  One morning we stopped by there house to bring them fresh Shipley Donuts.

 Kate and Livi were two peas in a pod. 

 In College Station Rachel and I found a free early morning bootcamp that we went too. It was early!!!
 Poppy and Cole
Cole watching Kate and Lily swim 


I don't have a ton of pictures of Cameron and Micah's wedding, but when I do I will post them because it was such an amazing wedding! 
The day before the wedding we had a family spa day. Someone came to the house to pedicures and manicures and give massages. It was so much fun. We just relaxed and spent time together. Kate loved her first pedi

The wedding dinner was at Riverside Country Club. It was outside with a beautiful view of the golf course. It turned out great.

The wedding