Twin Light Half Marathon

 I ran my 2nd half marathon a few weeks ago.  I was slow but it was a good starting point for future races. 2 hours and 12 minutes.
The race was in the most charming little beach town called Rockport. I was in heaven running and enjoying the beautiful scenery. After the race we played at the beach for a while and headed into town for fresh lobster and homemade ice cream.  Our anniversary and Mother's day were the next day and Mike had to study for finals. He basically took the day off from school to come with us and it was a perfect day! I can't believe we have been married 7 years. I am one lucky girl. 

 I realize this is  the most unflattering picture of me with double chin and all, but the background is so pretty.
 Kate could live at the beach she loves it so much. It is a struggle getting her to leave.  Poor baby Cole had a cold and was teething. He was still a trooper.

 The longer I am living on the east coast the more I am falling in love with it! 


Chad and Carly said...

You are so awesome! Good job! You look amazing and I still have to remind you that I have NEVER MET YOUR KIDS! It's kind of insane! Miss you

Megan said...

you look like such a babe! Love you so much! your amazing!! :))

heather said...

You're incredible! And inspiring! Maybe we could do Rockport 2013 together?!