We have been having so much fun this past month!
Mike had a 4 day weekend this past weekend and we took full advantage.
We went to Wingaersheek beach with friends and Kate and Cole were in heaven. Cole loved the sand, I looked down and he had taken a big handful of sand. Yuck
Monday was Patriots Day and we cruised all around Boston watching the marathon and playing at different parks. It was so hot I felt bad for the runners.
We spent Saturday and Sunday up in New Hampshire with Cat and Bryan. We went maple tapping, checked out Dartmouth's campus and started to do a small hike when 10 minutes into the hike Kate was done,"Mom my legs are telling me to go back to the car."
Kate was trying to entertain Cole in the car with her stickers.

Cole had his 6 month, which ended up being his 7 month dr appointment. We walked up to campus with friends and had lunch and met up with dad.
Cole's Stats
18 lbs...45%
26 inch tall...50%

This box kept Kate entertained for a whole week
Easter ended up being a really cold day so we didn't get many pictures. My brother Cameron wedding is this summer and so I brought the dress home from Utah and had her use it for Easter. She LOVES the dress!

Cole's outfit is a vintage find from Mike's mom attic

Kate loved all the Easter egg hunts we went to the week before Easter.

Cole started sitting up this month! He is loving being able to check everything out
Spring Fling party over at HBS
Kate never gets sick of playing at the park
200 yards from our house we have this view. It is amazing!
I am loving spring here in Boston. It is so beautiful. I am definitely going to miss this when we are gone.
For Mike's spring break we headed up to Utah for 10 days. Luckily there was still snow in the mountains and we got to go skiing.

Kate had so much fun with her cousins

My sister and I went to check out the new City Creek Center in SLC. For some reason I am always matching one of my kids, it is totally embarrassing.
My cousin Shea gave Cole his first hair cut trying to help his comb over