This semester has been so much more fun then last semester. Mike has actually enjoyed school and we have got to spend time together. We have even been out on some dates! The beginning of the month Mike got an internship with Mckensie in Houston. YEA!!! They flew us down to Houston for the weekend. It was so much fun. Cat and Bryan came down from Dartmouth and watched Kate. We took Cole and flew to Houston first class!!! It was awesome, Mckensie paid for everything. We got to live it up!
In the hotel they had a candy bar with this women giving out candy.... so funny
We went to a friends house for a Valentines party then we went and got yogurt

After the party we stopped at this great grocery store that had little grocery carts. We definitely came home with more stuff then usually, thanks to all of Kate's help.
Mike surprised us with a yummy breakfast.
Holidays are so much fun with kids!

a friend had a pastry chef from the Marriot Hotel in Boston come teach us how to make some yummy valentine desserts. Kate thought it was awesome. She loves loves to cook!

Kate ate half an apple and wanted to save the rest. After she went to bed I opened the fridge and this is what I found.
We have been going to the Children's Museum on Saturdays with Mike. It is such an awesome museum

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