Cole has got some crazy hair. He looks like he has a tope the top is super long and the sides are short. He also has some major calics. After his naps this is what his hair looks like.
For Christmas Mike's parents got us ticket to Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream Princess Show. She was so excited to go! We totally had talked it up! She would tell everyone that we were going to "princess ice skating." She was so excited to go.

It was such a fun day. This sounds cheesy but it seriously was a magically day. We hung out all day together, Kate and Cole were perfect little angels and we had so much fun.
Cole's first taste of rice cereal.

The best part of the month!!!!
My birthday!!! 28 on the 28th my golden birthday!!!!

I woke up on Tuesday and Mike had made me breakfast in bed with this book he had made.

He sent me to NYC for the weekend to stay with one of my best friends Kelsey! He was going to stay here with BOTH kids and I was going to take the Megabus down to NYC. I seriously had no idea that he was planning something like this how amazing is he? I was really nervous to leave Cole since I was still nursing and had never left him. The ticket was already bought and it was a done deal.
I left on Friday at 12. Took a 4 hour bus ride into the city. It was amazing I read and slept the whole time. Kelsey and Robby were the best hosts. We ate great food, shopped, and saw the Broadway Musical, Sister Act. One of the best parts was 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
I seriously had such a great Golden birthday.
We went to dinner with the Cooks, went shopping with girl friends and dessert night with friends from my ward. I love birthdays!!!

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