Christmas #2

From Utah the kids and I flew to Dallas from Dallas our flight was delayed 4 hours and then onto College Station. We were so excited to see our daddy! We had so much fun spending time with him. He wasn't around much this semester. We played with cousins, visited friends in Houston and just hung out. It was awesome!
Christmas Eve

We had to wait until uncle David flew in to open our presents. It was pure torture for Miss Kate.
When Andrew, Eva and Elsie got into town Kate was in heaven! One night we made ginger bread houses.
Notice Kate downing the icing
My zoo pass still worked at the Houston Zoo so we drove down there and got everyone in on my pass.

The kids got in the hot tube so many times. When they were sick of the hot tube they would get in the bath.
On New Years Eve Christopher and Rachel drove up from Houston and spent the night. We let off Tangled lanterns for Kate. Tim and Mike's dad followed them in a car to see where they landed. We played Minute to Win it games. Which was a ton of fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Ate yummy food. Mike's family tradition is having crab legs on NYE, we also tried all new recipes and everything was delish!

The last day we took Cole in the warm hot tube. He loved it!
We loved going to Texas!

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Brent and Britta said...

You should have called us when you were stuck in Dallas for 4 hours! We could have met you for lunch/dinner!