We had such fun Thanksgiving. We went to dinner at Mike's Aunt and Uncle's house.
Then we drove down to NYC and visited one of my bestest friends Kelsey and her husband Robby. I am not going to lie...NYC was a little different with two kids, but it was still fun. (Kate is not a city girl) We walked through Central Park, walked the Brooklyn bridge and just hungout. Kelsey and her husband Robby were so nice they watched the kiddo's and Mike and I went to the Rockette Show. We loved it.
Cat and I made 4 different pies from scratch and the turned out!

FAO Swartz

Tangled's tower.... Central Park


We have been talking about Christmas and that we celebrate Jesus birthday. We were driving back from New Hampshire to visit a friend and Kate was coloring in her car seat. I turn around and she was coloring the ceiling of the car. When I asked her what she was doing she said she was making a birthday cake for Jesus.... how do you get mad at that?

Kate's Christmas List
2 Tangled dolls
2 Fynn Riders
the moder (mother)
the bad guy
the frog
and the grass

Cole's 2 Month Stats

We took baby Cole to his 2 month appointment last week and he is doing great!
weight 12.4 lb 50%
Height 23 inchs 55%
Kate was such a chunk I figured Cole was going to be the same. I bought up in all his clothes so everything is a little big, but that is okay.
He is such a cute little guy. When he smiles his dimples come out and it seriously melts my heart. He loves to coo, suck on his fist, blow bubbles with his mouth and he loves to be held.
I think we will keep him!!!