Week 1 & 2

My mom came out to stay with us for 2 whole weeks! It was awesome! She was so much help, I seriously don't know what I would have done without her she took such good care of all of us.
first bath in the sink

first walk, Cole was great! Kate not so much!

My good friend Jamie came over and took pictures of baby cole.
I love them!

She kept telling me to look at the baby and smile. I felt like such a dork.

We tried to take some of him on his tummy, but he was not interested.
We have a much greater appreciation for baby photographers after taking pictures.


Shirlee said...

Sweet pics. I love baths in the sink.

Nicole Lambert said...

So cute!! LOVE all the pitures! He is soooo precious, and miss Kate is as adorable as ever.Miss you guys so much!! Houston is not the same without the Nixons.

BBC said...

Julia! Congratulations! Man, am I behind on things or what!?! The baby is soooo precious!!!!!!

Jen and Ky said...

Julia! I haven't done any blogstalking in quite a while and it has been so fun to catch up on all the excitement going on in your life! Although we are still feeling quite sad that you are in Boston instead of here with us in CA, it looks like you guys have a wonderful set up and I'm sure you are going to love an East Coast adventure!
Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! What a crazy birth story! Note to self...do not take castor oil unless you are ready to go!
I am so proud of you for going without the meds - even if that wasn't your plan! I did that with Serelle and am glad that I had that experience. I'm not sure I'll repeat it again on purpose, but a good experience nonetheless.
I hope school is going well for Mike and that you and the kids are settling in well! Good luck with your b-school adventure, we'll be thinking of you as we enjoy late nights of reading and lots of hours at the library!

Whitney said...

Oh he is so so cute! Yay I just can't wait to hold him!

Jayson and Julianne said...

Congratulations! Cole is such a handsome baby. I love his dark hair. You look beautiful in the pictures (I didn't see any dorkiness) I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new family of 4!