Utah Summer

We have been in Utah for the last six weeks and have been having so much fun! Mike was here for half the time before he left for Malaysia with his Dad. It was so much fun having him here. We tried to pack in as much fun things as we could possibly do before he left and my youngest brother Nathan leaves on his mission. I think we did a pretty good job!

We have been playing with cousins, friends going on bike rides and swimming a lot. Seriously, there is nothing better then a Utah summer night. It is heavenly!
The above picture is Kate with some of her cousins eating dinner.

We went to the SLC Children's Museum, it was so much fun!

Thanksgiving Point farm

Kate was so funny, she would make the sound of a rooster and then put her hand over her mouth and fake giggle.

My sister La, cousin Mckinley and Kate

We stayed up in Deer Valley for a week at my parents condo. While we were there we went on the new Alpine Slide called the coaster, it is like a roller coaster it is a little safer then the old alpine slide because it can't fall off the tracks. Kate loved it! Mike, went on a few hard core mountain biking trails.

For family night one night we took 3 tandem bikes, hooked the burley up to one of them, and rode up the canyon to make s'mores. It was kate's first bonfire.

Boating at Utah Lake with the family

Happy birthday Nathan and Megan! Cheesecake Factory, yum!

Shops at Riverwoods has a fun little splash park.

My brother Cameron has been in Washington D.C. all summer and he came home for Nathan's farewell. We had so much fun hanging with him.

Indoor Surf!

Fireworks with cousins, they were a little loud for Kate
the fam

whew, did we pack it in or what?
I think Kate is going to be a little deprived of attention in a few days.
While we have been in Utah playing for the last few weeks Mike went to Malaysia with his dad, flew to Texas, closed up everything thing with work and our town home. Met my parents in Houston,who drove out to Texas with my brother and his wife. Some how packed everything in our 6x12 trailer, packed up everything else that wouldn't fit in our 585 sq. ft. apartment in a trailer for my parents to take back to Utah. We owe my parents BIG TIME!!!
Then Mike drove out to Boston with his dad and is in the process of unpacking everything. Kate and I fly out to Boston on Tuesday. Hopefully we can get a little settled in before this baby comes. (Less then 4 weeks to go!)
Can I just say Mike is seriously the best. I am so grateful that Kate and I didn't have to drive 25 hours to Boston. I really didn't want to have a baby somewhere in Alabama.
I am excited for the next stage of our lives... Let the adventure begin!

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