Goodbye Houston

Our last month in houston was crazy! Trying to pack, but keep our house looking good for showings was seriously the worst. Luckily, we were able to rent our town home out a week before we were planning on leaving, so we really could start packing.
All our friends were so nice and helped us out so much. We are really going to miss our friends in Houston. They are the best!

While Mike, Kate, his dad and a few guys moved us out of our house. My girlfriends threw me the most amazing baby shower ever! It was so much fun and they didn't forget one detail. I loved every second of it!
A few of my friends

I am sure I will have more pictures of the shower, but all I can say is Thank YOU so much! The shower was so much fun and I am grateful that this little guy will have some cute clothes to wear next year. Since are budget is drastically about to change!
Last ice cream outing with her best buddy Reagan
This was how Kate had to eat the last few days before we moved
Last preschool at our house. Kate, Reagan, and Rosalie playing. Kate really misses all her friends she is alway asking where they are. I tell her Texas, and she says, "why?"

Good practice. Kate loves baby Anna


Whitney said...

Thinking of you... I'm sure it was really hard to leave Texas!

liz said...

kate is getting so big! and she is so cute. i love the decorations at your shower. hope yall have a good move!

Melissa said...

Oh Im getting sad just thinking about the fact that you won't be there when we go back!!