Kate at the Zoo

Kate and I were at the zoo we went to go check out the sea lions. Kate was trying to lean over the fence to see the sea lions when she said her shoe fell off. Her shoe had fallen into the water with the sea lions. I wasn't sure what to do? the sea lion had picked the shoe up and put it in it's mouth. I thought he was going to eat it. I went and found a zoo keeper. I was thinking to myself, " the dang animal is going to eat her shoe and die and I am going to have to pay for it." We went back to the water and luckily found her shoe at the bottom of the tank. They got it out and sanitized it and we were good to go. Kate frequently reminds me, "mom member how the sea lion ate my shoe."

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Mcbride Family said...

haha the stories we have to tell right? How are you feeling?