Happy Birthday!

Mike's birthday was this past week he turned 29!!! This is the first time Kate really knew what was happening she was so excited about everything and it made it that much fun. She loved the birthday cake and presents. He had to be into work really early, so kate and I took him donuts she has never gotten ready to leave the house so fast. it was so funny.

We celebrated with friends on Sunday with a yummy Cake
On his birthday we opened presents and then we left Kate with some friends and went to Perry's one last time with John and Mckell. It was so good!
Saturday night we were in College Station and Mike's parents took the gang out to a yummy Hibachi grill dinner. Kate wasn't sure about the fire and guy cooking in front of us.
Another birthday cake and celebration with Mike's family!

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Brent & Britta said...

Ok, you have to come find me on instagram! Brittaditta is my username! Ps-happy birthday mike!