Father's day

We had a fun Father's day today! Breakfast in bed with the limited food and spices that we have not packed. We had to get a little creative

Dad got a new backpack, now that he is going to be a full-time student again!

My friend Melissa and I teamed up this fathers day and made a few fun things for the daddies. We got a book and put our own pictures in it.

If your hubby likes rootbeer here is another fun idea that we did. I love the blogging world, creative friends (thanks melissa) and getting other peoples ideas off of pinterest!


Goodbye Pool Party

Some of our good friends had a good pool party/bbq for us. It was so much fun! We have made so many great friends here. We are going to miss everyone! Kate said today, "Mom we a move to Boston, Kate miss her friends."


Happy Birthday!

Mike's birthday was this past week he turned 29!!! This is the first time Kate really knew what was happening she was so excited about everything and it made it that much fun. She loved the birthday cake and presents. He had to be into work really early, so kate and I took him donuts she has never gotten ready to leave the house so fast. it was so funny.

We celebrated with friends on Sunday with a yummy Cake
On his birthday we opened presents and then we left Kate with some friends and went to Perry's one last time with John and Mckell. It was so good!
Saturday night we were in College Station and Mike's parents took the gang out to a yummy Hibachi grill dinner. Kate wasn't sure about the fire and guy cooking in front of us.
Another birthday cake and celebration with Mike's family!


Go Stan!

My did is amazing/slightly crazy. He just ran a 50 mile running race. It is all on trails so there is a lot of uphill so you do some hiking, but seriously... good job dad! What now?

Kate at the Zoo

Kate and I were at the zoo we went to go check out the sea lions. Kate was trying to lean over the fence to see the sea lions when she said her shoe fell off. Her shoe had fallen into the water with the sea lions. I wasn't sure what to do? the sea lion had picked the shoe up and put it in it's mouth. I thought he was going to eat it. I went and found a zoo keeper. I was thinking to myself, " the dang animal is going to eat her shoe and die and I am going to have to pay for it." We went back to the water and luckily found her shoe at the bottom of the tank. They got it out and sanitized it and we were good to go. Kate frequently reminds me, "mom member how the sea lion ate my shoe."

What are the odds???

Christopher, my brother, just got into University of Texas, Houston's Medical School. What are the odds that we move right when he and his cute wife might move to Houston! Dang it! Maybe we will come back before they leave.... congratulations!


Kate's friends

Once a week a we do a little preschool with Kate and some of her friends. Kate loves playing with her friends. She loves anything princess and especially dressing up and dancing.


Our House

We are trying to sell or rent out our town home.
It is a funny thing because we don't see how anyone would not want to buy it. We love it! It is our first house, it is great! It is crazy coming from Texas where you can get some much for your money compared to Boston where we will be paying the same price or more in rent for something really small,old and probably a little ghetto.
I just keep reminding myself that it is only for 2 years. You can do anything for that amount of time....right?

Memorial Day Weekend

Emily graduated from high school and Tim had his Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend. David, Jessie (girlfriend), Elizabeth and Julie flew in for the weekend and John, Sheree and kids drove down from Dallas. We had such a blast!
It is so much fun when we all get together. Kate loved playing with her cousins and she became quite a little swimmer.

We were the lucky family who stayed in the apartment behind the Nixon's house . While I was getting ready Kate found a maker and colored all over grammy's walls!
I feel like an official mom of a toddler!