Weekend in Boston

The weekend after Easter, we left Kate with Mike's mom and went up to Boston to check out our new stomping grounds. It was a lot of fun!
MIT had a weekend full of activities to entice the admits to choose MIT.

Our first stop was the LGBT club (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) party. It was hilarious. View from campus

We stayed with our good friends Dan and Jamie Cook. They were so nice to show us around Boston. We went to some fun restaurants, beautiful parks and Mike's personal favorite - a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

There was a bunch of drunk guys in front of us that were very entertaining. I don't think I even watched the game. (how sick is that)

Robby, another friend from freshman year, is going to MIT right now and Cameron and Katie McNeil drove down from NYC. We had so much fun!

Robby took us to a yummy burger joint. The burgers were huge!
After this weekend I am way more excited to move up there.


Shirlee said...

There are so many sights to see up there. Lots of day trips. Your pictures make me nostalgic.

Jen and Lance said...

Looks so Fun!! Lance and I went to a red socks and game and I thought it was so cool! I pretty much people watched the whole time as well. Ju! I'm so excited for you to move there!!! Wahoo! Glad you are more excited.