Easter and bubble party

There was a bubble party at the park the other day. It was such a fun idea. They had 3 bubble machines, the kids were going crazy! Kate was a little nervous about all the bubbles she would only put her toes in it. She did love chasing the giant bubbles around.

We had a great Easter in College Station, Kate loves grammy and papa's house and she LOVES her cousins! They are so cute with her.

We had a scavenger hunt to find the baskets. Kate didn't know really what was going on, but she just chased the kids around. She did love finding her basket.

We had a easter egg hunt. Picture with the great-grandparents


Funny things kate is saying
She is at a Reagan's house her best friend and she told her mom
"Miss Molly, mac and cheese is for babies, I am a big girl and eat chicken"
(She loves mac and cheese)
10 minutes into her nap," Dad, i sleep two hours, I ready to play."

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