Big girl hair cut

Kate's hair has been the trial of my life the last few months. She won't let me do anything to it. I have been trying to grow her bangs out so they are alway in her eyes, because She wants it down, "like a princess" (she also gets mad when I put my hair in a pony tail... so annoying.) a few weeks ago I decided to cut it. There was groupon for a cute little hair cutting place called, Sugar and Spice. So today I took her there and she was great, but the lady cut it shorter then i wanted it. I know it will grow, but I am sad because she looks so grown up.
Hopefully it will grow fast!

We went and got ice cream after. I hope it will look cuter after it is washed and I do it.
I wonder what Mike will say when he gets home!


danielle said...

i think its cute!

Mcbride Family said...

its darling!!! Cool thing about hair is that you can always cut it and it will always grow. Plus this will be way easier for you. FUN, she's so cute!

Whitney said...

Oh I think its so cute! But you know I do LOVE short hair :)

BIG B...little b and baby C said...

It's adorable!