Kate's 1st Dentist Appointment and more

Went to go visit my friend Bonnie's house she has triplet boys! Kate was a little confused, but then loved the babies. Bonnie is the best mom to these little munchkins!
The quality on these pictures are from my phone and are horrible...

Bestie Reagan
Making a cave with dad
Kate went to the dentist for the first time. She did okay, luckily dad was there to help. He is better at these situations then I am. The good news is...no cavities.


Big girl hair cut

Kate's hair has been the trial of my life the last few months. She won't let me do anything to it. I have been trying to grow her bangs out so they are alway in her eyes, because She wants it down, "like a princess" (she also gets mad when I put my hair in a pony tail... so annoying.) a few weeks ago I decided to cut it. There was groupon for a cute little hair cutting place called, Sugar and Spice. So today I took her there and she was great, but the lady cut it shorter then i wanted it. I know it will grow, but I am sad because she looks so grown up.
Hopefully it will grow fast!

We went and got ice cream after. I hope it will look cuter after it is washed and I do it.
I wonder what Mike will say when he gets home!


Weekend in Boston

The weekend after Easter, we left Kate with Mike's mom and went up to Boston to check out our new stomping grounds. It was a lot of fun!
MIT had a weekend full of activities to entice the admits to choose MIT.

Our first stop was the LGBT club (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) party. It was hilarious. View from campus

We stayed with our good friends Dan and Jamie Cook. They were so nice to show us around Boston. We went to some fun restaurants, beautiful parks and Mike's personal favorite - a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

There was a bunch of drunk guys in front of us that were very entertaining. I don't think I even watched the game. (how sick is that)

Robby, another friend from freshman year, is going to MIT right now and Cameron and Katie McNeil drove down from NYC. We had so much fun!

Robby took us to a yummy burger joint. The burgers were huge!
After this weekend I am way more excited to move up there.


Fun in the Sun!

Spring Break for my sister was a few weeks ago so we decided to join them and 2 other families in Cabo. We had a blast as always! Kate had so much fun with all the little girls, her aunts and grammy and pops.
Football on the beach every night
Lots of popcicles
The gang!
Playing on the beach all day and night

Kate had a quesadilla everyday for lunch and dinner!

She loved playing in the waves with her daddy!


Easter and bubble party

There was a bubble party at the park the other day. It was such a fun idea. They had 3 bubble machines, the kids were going crazy! Kate was a little nervous about all the bubbles she would only put her toes in it. She did love chasing the giant bubbles around.

We had a great Easter in College Station, Kate loves grammy and papa's house and she LOVES her cousins! They are so cute with her.

We had a scavenger hunt to find the baskets. Kate didn't know really what was going on, but she just chased the kids around. She did love finding her basket.

We had a easter egg hunt. Picture with the great-grandparents


Funny things kate is saying
She is at a Reagan's house her best friend and she told her mom
"Miss Molly, mac and cheese is for babies, I am a big girl and eat chicken"
(She loves mac and cheese)
10 minutes into her nap," Dad, i sleep two hours, I ready to play."