Kate, Dad, and Papa making the traditional cinnamon rolls for conference

Kate and a few of her buddies
Happy Birthday Molly!
Kate alway smiles the best for a picture when she is eating some kind of sugar.


It's a Boy!

Just found out that this baby in my belly is a boy! We are excited!


Roller Coaster of events!

The last few weeks of our simple lives have probably been the most stressful and emotional weeks we have ever experienced! Mike has been having shoulder problems for awhile and finally got around to getting a MRI. The doctor noticed something strange on the first MRI and ordered another MRI with contrast in order to better identify what appeared to be some type of growth. He quickly got it done and the next day left for business trip to Korea on Saturday, March 12th. In the mean time, Mike had applied to Stanford and MIT to see if he could possibly get into their MBA programs. The day before Mike left for Korea, he received interview invites to both schools! We were super excited and pleasantly surprised!

Mike returned home from Korea on Saturday, flew up to Boston on Sunday to interview with MIT and flew home Monday night. On Tuesday, Mike’s doctor told him that he had a ping pong size mass in his shoulder and it looked like a soft tissue sarcoma, which is a cancerous tumor. The doctors urgently squeezed Mike into an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to get a biopsy the following morning. The news definitely rocked us. I was a complete wreck. We experienced all of the scary thoughts and emotions one might expect throughout the night. Tuesday night was the longest night of my life.

We spent the next day at the hospital. They sent Mike’s MRI to a group of radiologists as Mike got some blood work taken. After a few nerve-racking hours, the Orthopedic surgeon called us back and gave us great news. It was not a sarcoma, but rather it was a vascular malformation, which is a group of blood vessels clumped together. Vascular malformations account for 7% of all benign tumors and do not require invasive treatment. We were so relieved!

Two days later Mike interviewed with an alumni from Stanford. What a week! We feel so blessed and are grateful for all of the friends and family that were praying for us that day. We truly felt the power of prayer and fasting. Just to be sure, we sent out his MRI to 4 more doctors and so far they have all come back positive.

Last Tuesday, Mike was notified that he didn’t get into Stanford. We were totally bummed. The rest of the week we waited impatiently to hear if he got into MIT. Today we got good news that he was accepted! So it looks like we will be moving to Boston in the fall. With a new perspective on life, we feel very blessed and are excited for the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.