Valentines Day

I have been a super lame blocker lately. Here is an update of our lives!
On Valentines day we decorated cookies at the park. (Yes, we live in Houston and can go to the park in February in short sleeves.)
It was a lot of fun!
If you ever need a great sugar cookie recipe check out my good friend Kelsey Nixon's blog. Best sugar cookie recipe I have tried. http://kelseyskitchen.com/ She makes hers all fancy into conversation hearts. Who is this girl???

I ask Kate to say cheese and this is what I get!
This is what we do pretty much everyday. Destroy room, change our clothes 100 times, sing and dance to Disney songs and Wicked .
We went to Costco for dinner and got a big pizza. Kate seriously pounded down 3 pieces. Dang GIRL!!!

The weekend before Valentines, we traded with our friends and went to an amazing restaurant called Taste of Texas. Since it was close to my birthday, they gave us a free dessert and took my picture,


Courtney said...

I love love love Taste of Texas! That has always been one of my favorite restaurants.

Mcbride Family said...

Finally You posted! YAY! You look so good Jew! And your little gal is getting so so big! Now you need to have another one!

Ashley Schill said...

We love Taste of Texas! It has great food and I loved their waiting area with free snacks! You look so pretty Julia! Your hair is getting long!

Gabe and Christina said...

So glad you had a great birthday! Can't wait to see pics of the entertainment center. I'm sure it's awesome! Kate is getting soooo big! Love the pic of her dancing in the kitchen! Miss you guys! We will be in Logan, UT this summer. Let me know if you visit your fam so we can try and see you!

Christina and Gabe

Jen and Ky said...

Julia - I sent you a facebook message last night, but I thought I'd send you a blog message too - just to be sure you got it! Kylan got a new phone on Friday afternoon and didn't get the voicemail set up until yesterday...so we're hoping we didn't miss a call/message from you and Mike. We'd love to talk Stanford and hope it's not too late to help with the interview? Please give me a call if you get a minute! 801-244-5860