Road Trip/ Picking Strawberries

A bunch of friends went to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries. It was a lot of fun. Kate probably ate more then she picked!

Road Trip
Mike was in Korea for work so Kate and I attempted our first long road trip. The way up was smooth sailing. Kate was great we didn't even have to stop. The way back was more of a disaster, but we survived and it was so worth it!
We spent the week up in Dallas with Mike's brother John's family. Kate loves her cousins. They were so sweet with her! We just had a great time!
Kate loves her cousin Elsie and Eva


Kate making her cousins watch Lion King one of her new favorites

It was so funny Kate didn't want anything to do with Uncle John. In the mornings she would run up stairs crying when he came out for work. By the end she warmed up a tiny bit.


Kate loved going to the gym with her cousins. There were no tears.


An attempt to get a group shot
happy birthday Andrew!


We took the kids swimming at the gym one day. It was so much fun!


Thanks for letting us crash your spring break! We miss you already!!!!

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