Road Trip/ Picking Strawberries

A bunch of friends went to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries. It was a lot of fun. Kate probably ate more then she picked!

Road Trip
Mike was in Korea for work so Kate and I attempted our first long road trip. The way up was smooth sailing. Kate was great we didn't even have to stop. The way back was more of a disaster, but we survived and it was so worth it!
We spent the week up in Dallas with Mike's brother John's family. Kate loves her cousins. They were so sweet with her! We just had a great time!
Kate loves her cousin Elsie and Eva


Kate making her cousins watch Lion King one of her new favorites

It was so funny Kate didn't want anything to do with Uncle John. In the mornings she would run up stairs crying when he came out for work. By the end she warmed up a tiny bit.


Kate loved going to the gym with her cousins. There were no tears.


An attempt to get a group shot
happy birthday Andrew!


We took the kids swimming at the gym one day. It was so much fun!


Thanks for letting us crash your spring break! We miss you already!!!!


Exciting News!

I have been meaning to post this for awhile!

Valentines Day

I have been a super lame blocker lately. Here is an update of our lives!
On Valentines day we decorated cookies at the park. (Yes, we live in Houston and can go to the park in February in short sleeves.)
It was a lot of fun!
If you ever need a great sugar cookie recipe check out my good friend Kelsey Nixon's blog. Best sugar cookie recipe I have tried. http://kelseyskitchen.com/ She makes hers all fancy into conversation hearts. Who is this girl???

I ask Kate to say cheese and this is what I get!
This is what we do pretty much everyday. Destroy room, change our clothes 100 times, sing and dance to Disney songs and Wicked .
We went to Costco for dinner and got a big pizza. Kate seriously pounded down 3 pieces. Dang GIRL!!!

The weekend before Valentines, we traded with our friends and went to an amazing restaurant called Taste of Texas. Since it was close to my birthday, they gave us a free dessert and took my picture,

Birthday Week

I can't believe I am 27. It is weird getting older, but not feeling old. I had a great birthday. Everyone knows how birthdays are a big deal to me and with help of Mike and some great friends the day was awesome.
The whole week was a celebration. Mike's parents and Tim came down to Houston on Saturday and spent the day with us. Monday, my good friends took Kate to the park, made cupcakes and gave me a pedicure. It was heavenly. That evening Mike surprised me by saying I could get this entertainment center from Pottery Barn that I have been dying for (I have had the picture posted on our fridge for 6 months). He also brought home a yummy ice cream cake and took me to dinner. It was a really great day. Then on Tuesday a couple friends took me to dinner. it was so much fun catching up and talking all night long! Thursday afternoon my parents came into town. They haven't been here for a long time and we were so excited! We had a jam packed weekend of fun. I wish they could have stayed longer.!

The weather was perfect this weekend, my dad even complained about being cold a few times!!!
Once a year there is a thing called the Azalea Trail. It was awesome, you get to walk through 6 different houses and backyards of these houses in a area called River Oaks. It is seriously posh neighborhood. It was amazing!
Wouldn't this backyard be amazing for a wedding reception!

I loved this little outdoor sitting area. It felt so Southern Living

Friday we hit the Houston Rodeos carnival and petting zoo. Kate loved it. She was seriously spoiled with attention all weekend.

Kate was so excited to ride the elephants and as soon as she got on the ride she started crying and cried pretty much the whole time. I guess she is not quite ready for Disneyland.

Very sanitary hugging some goat.

Kate was so happy around all the animals, I usually can't get her to smile in pictures and she pretty much had a smile on her face the whole time.

Thursday we went to the zoo and feed the ducks/pigeons

We also went to a baseball game, ran a 5k and ate a lot of yummy food (surprise, surprise) We had so much fun. Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Dad!