It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We had a great Christmas break! We went up to Utah for Christmas, usually Mike can only stay for a few days, but he came out for 2 weeks! We loved having him there, he is the life of the party him. We tried to pack in as much as we could. I think we succeeded thanks to the help of
My brother Christopher, who just got married, had to make sure his new wife Rachel had fun with our family. So he sat us all down for a family meeting and planned something fun to do each day..... what a great husband!
Eating dinner at a little ghetto Mexican Restaurant. It is the closest thing to Cabo that we have found.
Kate saying CHEESEEEE
One of my besties Jen Oso Pendleton... Happy Birthday

Thai Dinner with fam
Mike and I took off to California for my friend Brittany Pierce's wedding. Brittany and I went to BYU Hawaii together with a bunch of girls and played intramural football together.
We stayed with family and mooched off them as much as possible... It is the Nixon way....!!!

We got to spend time with Mike's sister and her family in LA and then went to San Diego and stayed with Sheree my sister-in-laws parents. Everyone was so nice to have accommodated us.

My cousin Jill, her husband and cute kids met up with us in LA and took us to breakfast!
Baby Anna, the newest addition to the Nixon clan...
Julie, Mike's oldest sister just had her 6th, yes 6th baby! You go girl!
It was so much fun to see friends from the good old days.
Andrea and Carly are due just a few days apart from each other.
The reception was so pretty it was right on the water.
some of the Hawaii girls
Playing tennis at BYU one of the many activities.

We took take Kate skiing on Christmas Eve. It was a family affair everyone came to watch.
She actually really liked it. She kept saying "again, again"
she looked so dang cute.

Christmas Eve, new jammies
No one really needed new pj's so we all got hoodies
Thanks mom and dad
Christmas morning

Kate was so much fun on Christmas. She loved the Christmas lights, tree, Santa Claus, building snow men, sledding, playing in the snow, getting in the hot tube, and of course the PRESENTS!

My mom and dad gave her a bunch of dress up clothes and she LOVED them.
It is all she wore for the rest of the trip.

Kate likes to cook with mom.

One day we went snow mobiling with Liz and Larry (Mike's sister) and my family. It was so much fun, Kate loved going fast!

Cross-country skiing with my dad, the mountain man.
Mike picked out a backpack for Kate. It is a little too big for her, "she will grow into it"
In the airport ready to go home.
We had such a fun time being with friends and family. Can't wait to do it again!