Christmas festivities!

So Mike called me while I am at the grocery store on Saturday afternoon and asked, " how spontaneous do you feel? Do you want to drive down to New Orleans? David is going to be playing in the game Saints vs Rams." (He is playing for the Rams)
I didn't think he was serious, we never do things like this.
I got home from the store and with a little persuasion on his part we were in the car an hour later driving the 5 hours to New Orleans.
It actually was a lot of fun, and Kate did great!
The famous Bourbon St. Been there done that. Don't need to ever do it again.

Mike's freshman college roommate and his little family just moved down there for an orthodontics residence at LSU. So we got to hangout with them and eat giant po' boys! They even watched Kate during the game. Thanks guys!

We got to hangout with Dave for a little while before the game. Kate seriously asks about David at least once a day. She was excited to see him.
The Saints fans are crazy! The stadium was awesome and it was fun to watch Dave! The bad news he broke his hand in the game..... We must have been bad luck. He had to get surgery, but should be fine to play in a few weeks. It's fun to be spontaneous once in awhile!

Other Festivities

Giant bubble bath
Trying to take a picture with Santa. Every time we see Santa at the mall she loves it, but as soon as we try to sit on his lap she has a melt down. This is the best picture I could get.
Decorating sugar cookies

On Friday night we went down to Moody Gardens in Galveston. It was so much fun! We did the aquarium and saw all the Christmas lights.

Kate's little buddy Roman and his mom Nicole meet us down there. Roman was so funny he wanted his mom to take pictures of him and Kate. He would totally smile and pose and Kate would be sticking her finger up her nose or running away. Little stinker