Go Texans!



We had a great weekend! For starters Mike's brother David got signed on by the Texans Sunday morning, by 2:00 the same day he was on a plane to Houston! We are so excited that he is going to be in Houston this season! We are no longer raiders fans!

We went up to College Station for the weekend. We went on walks, went swimming, had lemonade stands with the cousins and watched Aggie Football.
Elsie chowing down on some ribs!
Yes, Kate and I are totally matching! I got Kate dressed and went to the gym and got ready there. I picked her up from the children's center and realized that we were MATCHING! We weren't going home until after playgroup! It was awesome!


Kelly said...

That's so exciting about David!!! Go Texans!

Alisa said...

You guys are so cute!!! I love the matching outfit!

Shirlee said...

I can't tell you how many times Maya and I were matching and I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out! Cute. Means you have good taste, right?

Jen and Lance said...

We just heard about david too! That is so exciting!! So when are you coming out here?! Lets get together as much as possible! I miss you and have been wanting to call you! Love the matching outfits, don't pretend you didn't plan that out.