Kate and I came home from Utah for 2 days and Mike left for Saudi Arabia for work. He had a 24 hour layover in Paris. So he got to see some of the sites!

While Mike was gone I went up to College Station and hung out with Mike's family for a few days. I found this on a blog and it is totally easy and it turned out pretty cute.



Melissa said...

Jealous of Mike's 24 hr layover. He totally lucked out with that!! Awesome! and I love that shirt. It turned out so cute.

BIG B...little b and baby C said...

You MADE that shirt! Dude, those go for like $30 at j. crew! So cute!

wej said...

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Jen and Lance said...

I'm so impressed with your shirt ju! I love it. Look at your skills! I would buy that at a store!

The Nixon Family said...

I WANT ONE!!! Let's make them!!!