June Update

We have had a super busy June, I can't believe it is almost over!

We flew back up to Utah for my Grandma Ricks's 100th birthday party! It was awesome! It was suppose to be a garden party at my parents house, but it rained so it was inside. She invited 150 people! One of her friends wrote her a song and then she handed out music to everyone for some "good ol ones."
We had a blast up in Utah. Seeing friends and family, swimming and hanging out. We met up with Mike's sister and kids at Thanksgiving Points petting zoo. Kate loved it!

Mike's oldest sister and her kiddo's were are in town (they drove from California...hard core) so we backed our bags and headed up to College Station for a few days.
Kate loved swimming with papa!

She loves her Uncle Tim

Mike turned 28! Happy Birthday

I made 2 kinds of cheese cake. Lemon and mint they turned out great, I was so proud of myself!


family picture previews

While we were in Utah we had family pictures taken. These are pictures from our camera while we were hanging out.


Our Trip

We finally got around to posting some of our pictures from Thailand. It was an absolutely incredible vacation! Despite some early concerns and trepidation regarding the Bangkok protests, we spent the entire two weeks without seeing or experiencing any of the political unrest.

We took full advantage of celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary (without little Miss Kate) and enjoying our first vacation (just the two of us) since our honeymoon. The days were filled with fun activities, massages (only $7!), great food, culture, shopping, sun and relaxation. We spent half of the trip in Southern Thailand and snorkeled in some of the clearest blue water I have ever seen. We also stayed in the excursion filled Northern Thailand for a few days and concluded the trip in Bangkok (after the protesters had dissipated).

We highly, highly recommend the trip to anyone looking for a fun, exotic and adventuresome vacation! It was truly one of those places that lived up to the hype and expectations. Here's a few of the pics below...
This picture was taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The entire compound was filled with beautiful grounds, ornate temples and buildings reflecting the unique style of Thai/Chinese architecture.
Wat Pho: We had to force ourselves into this temple amid the throngs of tourists. The gold leafed Buddha statue is huge. It is commonly known as "Reclining Buddha".

This was a much older Buddha statue found deep in the Chiang Dao Caves. The caves were located about 1.5 hours north of Chiang Mai.

We thought it would be fun to squeeze in a little zip lining.

Defintiely, one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Elephant Camp. The Elephant ride was a blast and we were duly impressed with the Elephant's painting skills!

We couldn't pass up playing with real tigers

We feared for our lives a few times while traveling to and fro in the infamous Tuk-Tuks! One of the tuk-tuks had a DVD player and Bose stereo system!
Another highlight from the trip....We really enjoyed the Thai cooking class. We made a couple of different curries from scratch as well as a soup, spicy Thai salad, and black sticky rice pudding. Everything was absolutely delicious...our compliments to the chefs!
Southern Thailand is absolutely beautiful!

Foot massages and pedicures (yes, Mike got one as well!).