Spring and Thailand

Remember when Mike won 2 free airplane tickets on Delta.... Well it is official we are going to go to Thailand for 2 weeks in May! We are leaving Kate with my parents. I am so excited! So if anyone has any good info on Thailand let me know!

Now on to the pictures
I got a SLR camera for my birthday and have no clue how to use it. So Mike signed me up for a 4 week basic photography class. I really don't know what I am doing, but this is my first attempt.
Spring in Houston is very short lived but amazing. The blue bonnets come out and it is beautiful. Great time to come visit!

Mike has this tripod called a Gorilla( it is of course from REI) and it can wrap around anything and hold a camera. We have had it for a few years and this is our first time using it. After a few tries it worked great!


matt said...

when we get back we'll definitely give you the scoop. i can't believe we leave THURSDAY!

i wish we had all coordinated and you 2 could just come with us. it would have been so much fun.

we haven't made any hotel reservations - we're playing it by ear when we get there (which i hear is the most cost effective way to do it)

anyway, i'm stoked for you 2.


matt said...

(this is noelle... somehow showing up as matt)

The Nixon Family said...

well nice! you can be our new photographer. love the family shot! come visit!!!

Lauren Ricks said...

wow you can tell that is a great camera! maybe you have a future career Julia :) such a cute family shot.

Jen and Ky said...

Hi Julia, it's Jen! I'm excited for your trip to Thailand! I love Thai food and can only imagine how much delicious food you'll be able to eat... My cousins went to Thailand a few years ago and said that the scuba diving is incredible. They went diving off an island called "Pupi Island" (I think that's the name of it) If you'll be near the ocean it might be worth your time to look into scuba! Have a fun trip!

andrea said...

that is soooo amazing! did you ever see jess downs?

Brynn said...

What a great family photo!! Hope to see you guys soon...maybe at the reuinon

Alisha said...


I love your pics!!

Remember that one time I lived in Thailand?!?! Call me or email me and let's chat! I'm so jealous you're going. The beaches are awesome..I saw Jen's comment and it actually is "Pipi Island". :)

you should probably see the Grand Palace, do some shopping in downtown Bangkok, and then go to Phuket and Pipi. The beaches may not be as pretty as I remember them, but I bet they're still gorgeous! and everything is CHEAP. I'm so jealous!