Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend up in College Station. kate has so much fun with her cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles!
Sunday morning looking for eggs with dad
Of course everything stops once she see's the dogs. She has a slight obsession with doggies!

Kated loved her new dolly
Stylin girls
Early morning easter egg hunt at HEB

checkin out the goods
kate loves her cousins eva, andrew and elsie


Jen and Lance said...

What a fun Easter! I love that Kate's hair fits in a pony tail now. She looks all grown up. And, I LOVE her Easter dress! Incredible. What a great little mom you are. Love ya!

BIG B...little b and baby C said...

I love that Easter morning Kate is still in her pajamas but she already has a bow in her hair, you are such a good mom! So cute!

The Nixon Family said...

too cute! i love the one of the girls with the curlers. maybe one day elsie will be able to join in that fun! :)

Lauren Ricks said...

Kate looks so old! (in a young way) like a real child now, not a baby! weird. and that first picture, mike looks like he is 17 years old for some reason haha :) looks like fun! Mother of the year award is going to be going to you this year thats for sure! your are adorable Ju