weekend with friends

Some of our friends came into town! We had such fun time! We had to show them what Texas is all about....rodeo, eating, zoo, Kemah Board walk and to finish it off. Dinner at Perry's Steak House. For all those who haven't been there it is amazing!
We LOVE VISITORS! ps....March is a great time to visit the weather was perfect!

Ridding the train with dad
holding hands with her new buddy Carter
Eva girl and Kate in the petting zoo at the rodeo

Kate loves animals
This is the best picture I could get of Kate
Happy St Patrick's Day


Amanda said...

You beat me to posting about the week! And I realized we have no pics of the 6 of us together. Oh well at least there is one of Kate and Carter together. Thanks again for the great time. For anyone looking to visit Texas: Mike and Julia are the best hosts and yes, Perry's is absolutely amazing

Megan said...

Hahaha that picture of kate on st. patricks day is so cute! It looks totally posed. haha and that picture of them holding hads is so funny... what a cutie!

The Nixon Family said...

so cute! i love her st. pattys day leggins. can't wait to snap some fun pix this weekend. love you!

Jen and Lance said...

I can't believe how big Kate is getting! She's all grown up. I 'm so sad I didn't get to see you when you came in, but I'm sure you kept yourself busy. I miss you though!