Christmas Vacation!

We had a great Christmas vacation with the Nixon Family. We were in College Station for Christmas eve and Christmas day.
Then 8 of Mike's siblings plus their families headed down to Belize for a little R&R (NOT)!. It was nutty with 27 people, 11 kids under the age of 7! We all stayed in one big house, We played on the beach everyday it was awesome... One of the best parts was we had a chef make all the meals so no dishes for a week!

All the pictures are in reverse order... sorry
Generator died for a few minutes. Never fear Mike and his headlamp to the rescue!
Baby girls taking a bath... Please ignore the fact that Kate is a little bigger then the rest of her cousins!

The Fam

Kate has some really goofy looking faces!

Christmas Eve

It was so funny, the 1st day Kate wouldn't put her feet in the sand.

Christmas Craft, I made this apron for my little sister for Christmas so easy!
Christmas morning

Christmas Eve


Lauren Ricks said...

Looks like SO much fun! the pictures of Kate not putting her feet in the sand made me crack up! she is so dang cute! I'm jealous we were not with you guys!

Margaux's World said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I talked to Mrs. Nixon the other day and she said the trip was a blast - sure looks like it from the pictures! Tell Michael and Kate we said hello!

Jake and Jenna said...

holy beautiful, skinny family! you look so great julia. i was so happy i got to see you this past month-- you really are one of my favorite people. i love all the pictures and i can't believe how big kate is getting. it's crazy. sure love you.

Whitney said...

How fun! Kate looks adorable as always...

Ashley said...

Wow, that is quite the family party. What a neat place to visit. You look awesome!

andrea said...

one day i want to be good looking enough to be a nixon! until then i will just LOVE you all.