My sista

Birthday breakfast

Lauren, my sister who just turned 20 and is currently flying to the middle east right now and will be there for the next 4 months came to visit us last week!
We had so much fun! We don't get visitors often so we were really really excited! We took her to all our favorite restaurants, we shopped, went to the Brazo State Park and saw some alligators, celebrated her 20th birthday Tejas style and just hung out! We missed her and hope she will come back again!


Mcbride Family said...

SO fun! Your little gal is so cute. WHen will you be coming back to Utah again???

Whitney said...

Oh how fun! I just love La... Ok I really just love the whole Ricks Family!!!

Brian and Savannah said...

Oh, fun. I still can't beleive how much hair your little girl has. What is your secret:)