Utah round 2

My good friend Tammy (who flew in for the weekend from London when I got married) got married last week. So, Kate and I packed up our bags AGAIN and headed off to Utah for a quick trip. We had a great time! We took Kate on her first ski boat ride and just hung out with family. We also enjoyed the cool Utah summer nights! Tammy's wedding was great and it was fun to be there for it.

I have decided that flying by myself with Kate is the worst! Kate is a busy little girl and typically doesn't sleep for more than 30 minutes on the 3-hour flight. This flight was no exception; however, to exacerbate the situation, we were re-routed three times due to bad weather on our way down to Houston. We were eventually rerouted to Corpus Christi (a few hundred miles from Houston) about 3 and a half hours later. Kate and I spent the next two hours sitting on the crammed express jet plane as we waited for the plane to be re-fueled. Kate managed to meet and greet all the passengers as she maneuvered throughout the plane. She probably picked up ALOT of germs crawling on the floor, but it allowed both of us to maintain our sanity.

We finally left for Houston and what is usually a 45-minute flight turned into a two hour flight. Eight hours after leaving SLC and staying on the same plane, we finally landed in Houston. A cute girl on the plane with her two-year old little boy missed her connecting flight to Arkansas. Due to weather related delays, the airline was unwilling to provide vouchers or compensation for lodging. I could not imagine sleeping at the airport with a two year old, so I extended the invitation to spend a night at the Nixon B&B! She was probably a bit wary of staying with a complete stranger, but I told her she could come sleep at our house and I could take her to the airport in the morning.

By the time we got back to the house I was feeling sick and exhausted from the trip. Mike felt my forehead and said that is was burning hot. He took my temperature and it showed that it hit 102 degrees. Just my luck, it appeared I had the leading symptoms of mastitis (a fun adventure I had painfully endured during the week of Thanksgiving!). I spent the rest of the night either shivering cold or boiling hot. Mike was able to push off going into work until later that afternoon so that he could take Kate and the family back to the airport.

We had another close call when the AC quit working at about 3 PM (not good in 95 degree heat). Mike was resourceful and used the internet to troubleshoot the problem when the AC repair men couldn't get to us that day. The AC finally kicked back on around 10 PM (Way to go Mike...aka Bob Vila!).

The next morning Mike's mom and sister Emily came and took care of Kate while I caught up on some rest. They are the best! Needless to say, we are back in Texas and I am feeling better. We are planning on staying here for a while. I need a break from flying with Kate!
Yummy first taste of ice cream!

watermelon smoothie!
Kate loves my parents dog!