Kate and I were home for 4 days and left dad alone again and met my mom and sisters in NYC. Megan, my youngest sister had a national dance competition in NY for a week so we made a girls trip out of it. I was a little nervous I didn't know how Kate would do, but she was a great little traveler.  We had so much fun shopping, eating, watching dance, hanging out with one of my greatest friends Kelsey and going to  broadway shows.  

Central Park
Kelsey and Robby's really cute apartment
Kate made friends everywhere we went

Brooklyn bridge

Once we wer really ghetto and changed Kate's diaper on the street.

We went and saw Shrek and Kelsey watched Kate. It was really good.

Kate loved the subway. Her legs and arms would start to go crazy when she could hear it coming.

Fourth of July was so much fun in Utah. I didn't have my camera because Mike had it on the river so my bro-in-law's girl friend took these with her camera a just sent them to me. I ran the Freedom 10k by myself, which wasn't as fun but my I saw my good friend andrea and her cute hubby running it so I hung out with them for a little bit.
I love running in Utah in the summers. no humidity!
Later that day a few friends and some of Mike's family came over and we went swimming had a bbq and did a few fireworks. It was a ton of fun. The pictures above and two of Kate's cousins that are her age, Mckinley and Caroline.


utah in june!

I love utah summers! Kate and i spent pretty much the whole month of June in Utah. We had so much fun! We hung out with tons of friends and family while we were there. 

The best part of the trip was that my brother Cameron came home from his mission in Ohio. It was so much fun hanging out with him. He was such a great missionary and loved it so much. He wasn't sure he wanted to come home, but we are glad he did! He was so cute with Kate, he couldn't get enough.

 The last week we were there most my family, including Mike went rafting down the Grand Canyon. It was pretty hard core. My dad was a river guide in college and has been down the Grand Canyon 53 times! This trip was a big deal because it was a private trip and it took 13 years to get a permit. They do everything themselves with no guides except my dad and his granola buddies.  Mike had to get back to work early so he had to hike out 14 miles up and out of the Grand Canyon. That was the worst part but, besides that he was in heaven!  

We pretty much went swimming everyday in my parents backyard. It was great!
4 wheeling up at Wolf Creek!
Kate's first hair cute! 

The Ricks Clan
The newest thing Kate loves is dogs, big or small she is in heaven when she sees one
Makinley and Kate cousins!

At the airport!