Ugly Sweater party!

We have our own cabbage patch doll!

We had a great Christmas! We went up to Utah and I am pretty sure my family is as obsessed as we are with Kate!
Christmas Eve we all got new jammys!

We played in the snow

My good friend Erikka's little baby boy, we was only born two weeks after kate.
Don't worry that Mac, the little boy in the middle is 6 months old and Remi is 2 months older then Kate and she weighs the same or more then both of them. She is a little chunk!
Got together with some friends from College!


The Nixon Family said...

so cute. i have been waiting for this post. i cannot wait to see her again. i would die to have a child who had hair like kates. amazing. she is gorgeous and the perfect mix of ricks and nixon. can't wait to see you guys in d town.

Natalie said...

She is SUCH a doll! I can't to actually meet her and get to hold her...my baby is now two and a half!!